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About the church

The church, Christ Authority foundation And prayer ministry lNC was founded in the year April 1st 2016 and the ministry was a licensed ministry and gained legal graund to open branches of ministry any part of the world have power to obtain school, and hospital the ministry is a train center both in words of to children and adults the ministry have deconesses and decean and so many things that can make one to come back to God we do rather help like less privilegesand support widows.

Jane Miller


My Name is Rev’d prophetess Ngozi Chinedu the founder of Christ Authority foundation And prayer ministry lNC , l am from Anambra state of Nigeria l am married with 3 children two boys and a girl l am a graduate of international college of missions and theology Nnewi in Nigeria l was called by the infinity of wisdom and mercy of God into the great commission ( Mathew 28vs 19- 20) as a preacher of God ‘s words also the gospel of the lord Jesus l love God’s wort,such as going out for evangelism and outreach preaching and teaching about the gospel of Jesus Christ, l am an intercessor and prayer worrior and to lead a congregation in prayer with sick and afflicted and to practice all biblical and religious activities pertaining to my office as a woman of God,a prophetess also with apostolic grace of mantle in accordance with State, federal and international law


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